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Hello, my name is Nicky Graves Gregory.

I discovered and began to develop Human Mathematics when I was researching the history of mathematics, going back to the ancient Greek roots. It was Pythagoras who coined the word ‘mathematics’. ‘Ta mathemata’ means ‘those things which have been learned’.

Pythagoras’  teaching was holistic. He followed the Hermetic principle, ‘as above, so below’: outer and inner learning formed a whole. Mathematics was both investigation of external reality and psychological development.

Mathematics now is basically abstract mathematics, beautiful and powerful, but only part of the original Pythagorean discipline.

Abstract mathematics reveals amazing structures and processes in the world around us. In Pythagorean mathematics we not only experience these structures and processes in our lives, we also develop living mathematics of relationship with our deeper selves and with others, both human and other than human beings. 

Human Mathematics is living, experiential mathematics, the Pythagorean mathematics of now.

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